I have an easy DIY project to share today. I’ve been loving the galaxy trend and the galaxy-related products, clothes and DIY projects popping up all over the interwebs. Strangely enough, a galaxy necklace is not easy to find (except from the kind of pendants where a photo is placed under a glass dome, which is nice, but not what I was looking for). So I thought I’d make it myself, and share the tutorial. It’s an easy, fun, quick project that requires next to no crafting skills and doesn’t cost a fortune in supplies.

You will need:

  • Triangle (or round, or any shape you fancy) charms. I used brass ones, similar
  • Chain necklace (or chain, jump ring, and clasp to assemble
  • Nail polish or acrylic paint
    • A dark color (I used navy blue)
    • A light color (I used white)
    • Two or more other colors (I used hot pink and lilac)
    • Glitter nail polish
    • Clear top coat nail polish or acrylic varnish
  • Cosmetic sponge

DIY Galaxy Necklace

I first applied a generous coat of navy blue polish and let it dry completely.

DIY Galaxy NecklaceI started with the hot pink polish. I dabbed a small amount of polish on the corner of the sponge.

DIY Galaxy Necklace

I randomly sponged the polish onto the charm. Nail art experts probably do it in a better way (and way better!), but since I have little to no knowledge in the field, I relied on luck.

DIY Galaxy Necklace

I continued sponging the polish onto the charm- a dab here, a dab there, with lilac, then white, then navy blue (the color I used as a base) until I was happy with the result. I then let it dry completely (it took about 5 minutes).

DIY Galaxy Necklace

I applied a layer of glitter polish and let it dry completely. I then added a layer of top coat, that I let dry as well, before applying a clear acrylic varnish to make sure it would last longer than my typical manicure.

DIY Galaxy Necklace

Enjoy your new necklace.

DIY Galaxy Necklace



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